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# Lambert, Joyce - jlambert@garesa.org


GRASP is a universal screening and progress monitoring tool built by the content specialist at West Georgia RESA.  There are currently 60+ systems across the state using the GRASP reading and math tools. Screeners include Reading Fluency, Reading Comprehension, Math fluency and Math Concepts and Applications. Our philosophy is simple: Develop teacher confidence in delivering Tier 1 instruction, and help schools implement a protocol to identify and provide intervention to students who have gaps in their learning.

The data we have collected over the years reinforces our belief that intervention begins at Tier 1, where all students should have access to scaffolding in the way of reviewing and previewing important skills, encouraging critical thinking and applying knowledge across multiple tasks.

The GRASP tools are designed to provide teachers with the data they need to plan rigorous instruction for all students. For students who require intervention in additional to regular classroom instruction, GRASP provides tools designed to track progress on skills from Kindergarten to high school. The West Georgia RESA Team is committed to support the implementation of GRASP in our schools that are dedicated to making data-based instructional decisions for all students.

The GRASP tools were developed by teachers for teachers. We rely on feedback from our users to continue to improve our product. Over the years, we have made many improvements to the GRASP assessment tools and database at the request of our systems.